INSANE - Brazil/SP - 2019


TOPIA - Brazil/Curitiba - 2019


Monsterpalooza USA/LOS ANgeles - 2019

Shared a table with Rafael Grassetti, Igor Catto and Stephen Oakley

ZBRUSH SUMMIT - usa/los angeles - 2018

Substance Days - Japan/Tokyo - 2018

I had the honor to present during the Substance Days - Tokyo 2018, along with my friend Josh Lynch, and Allegorithmic President, Sebastien Deguy.


During a short stay in my home country, I was able to give a 2 days workshop for this amazing group of people, at Revolution school. Finally got to meet in person these guys. I had a blast! They also had the best airport reception of my life. Thank you guys! I'll never forget it

Monsterpalooza - USA/Los Angeles - 2018

Shared a table with Rafael Grassetti and Igor Catto


THE FORGE CLUB - Online - 2017/2018

Mentoring program created and ran by me and my friend Rafael Grassetti. 



Mentoring program


designercon - usa/los angeles - 2016

Shared a table with Rafael Grassetti


ZBRUSH SUMMIT - usa/los angeles - 2016








Traditional and digital Sculpture workshops - rio de janeiro/Sao Paulo/Brasilia/porto alegre - 2010-2014

From 2010 to 2014, I traveled to many different cities within Brazil and had the pleasure to do lectures, workshops, demos and private classes.

During this time, I also thought one semester of Digital Sculpting at CCAA Master's Degree. 

Sculpting Classes - Brazil/SAO PAULO - 2010-2014

My Atelier also held Traditional Sculpture classes on saturdays, on which I had the opportunity to teach more than 100 students on-site.



“I`ve made the best professional choice I could have ever made when I decided to took the Glauco`s course. I studied with him for 2 years and I`m glad to say that it helped me become the professional and artist I`m as of today. He taught me firstly how to study, gather references and then apply all these concepts to my own artwork. All the anatomy, proportions and design tips were essentials to my career.”

Victor Hugo Souza – Senior Character Artist / Digital Sculptor – Iron Studios


“Glauco has an impressive knowledge and a huge capacity of keep the students focused and motivated. Studying with him was one of the most important moments of my entire career.”

Silvio Valinhos – Lead 3D Artist – Top Free Games


“There comes a time in any artist’s development where he has to look to others for help, I was very fortunate to get in touch with Glauco and discuss my career up to that point with him. Together we were able to agree that I was for the most part just “faking it” and that I was lacking a basic understanding of the human body and its skeletal structure. The private workshops we had together completely changed the level of my work and made me immediately more capable and visible on the market, we learned a lot together and I can accrue a lot of my success to his tutoring. Anybody that dedicates himself with his guidance is certain to reach his goals.”

Filipe Magalhães – Zbrush Instructor and Freelancer character Artist


“As I’m a perfectionist, his technical level was primeval for me to sign in the classes. I knew I still took a risk, by own experience, that the artist might not have been as great as a teacher, but his didactic was so wide assorted and effective that my mediocrity could not survive. From that moment on, every weekend I leave class inspired and eager to get home fast for praticing. Then I came back next week better and more hungry for learning more and break through!”

Nando Nakutis – Freelancer Concept Artist


“I studied with Glauco by 2012 and he taught me how to look and see my own artwork in a different way, so I could improve and I`m glad to be able to use this knowledge to these days. His dedication and determination in his own studies is very inspiring. Taking his classes was definitely, changed my career a lot!”

Leandro Soares – Freelancer 3D Artist


“I took a short sculpting/casting workshop with Glauco. Not only did I get literal bucketloads of valuable information and personalized feedback, I also got a good helping of insight into what it means to be a working professional. Glauco’s work ethic is faultless, but more importantly, he’s just straight-up a good teacher, and fun to be around.”

Manoela Carneiro – Student


“When I first studied with Glauco Longhi, I had just came back from studying abroad 3d animation and VFX, yet he had a lot of new things to teach me, not only from his workflow, but from his personal experiences. He is a real master at what he teaches and I recommend him for anyone interested in learning great practical FX skills, digital modelling and zbrush skills.”

Milton Andersen – Movie Maker / Writer / Director / VFX Artist


“My first contact with traditional sculpture was at Glauco`s studio. He is a good teacher, professional and has a complete set of knowledge to share with his students. I recommend his courses to anyone who wants to improve and develop the skills in drawing, sculpting or as a 3d artists in general.”

Julio Costa – 2D Artist and Designer


“Glauco helped me a lot when Istarted in traditional sculpture, he`d always leave his atelier`s door open for everyone who wants to study. Glauco has the knowledge in traditional, digital and practical fx, so no matter your artistic level you could always learn with him.

He is a great mentor, if you want to became a better artist and learn something new I totally recommend any of his classes.”

Bruno Naoki – Concept Artist


“I studied with Glauco for 2 years and he helped me a lot. He seems to be always willing to help and keep us inspired. I had the pleasure of spend 2 years doing what I wanted under his supervision.”

Daniel Marcondes – 3d Artist


“I can only appreciate Glauco opening his studio and shared all his knowledge with us. He was always so clear with his statements and solving our problems. I`ve been drawing and painting since I was a child but after taking his classes, I learned how to see better and improved all my artwork. Thank you so much!”

Tercio Junior – Lead Airbrush Artist / Painter


“I took a head anatomy class and we learned how to model and sculpt the human head with very basic steps and procedures. He taught us many ways to achieve realistic expressions, skin textures, differences between old and young people, skull shapes and more. I`ve always struggled with eyes and expressions but he forced me go through it and now I feel comfortable doing them.”

Daniel Ponciano – Tattoo Artist


“I always wanted to jump into traditional sculpture and after searching for the best courses in town, I`ve found Glauco`s atelier. It was one of the best learning experiences I`ve ever had. He was very patience and took care of each students, always motivating them and exploring their potentials to the best.”

Lucas Ohara – Freelancer 3D Artist