Random Gallery of studies and sketches done in different mediums

-MonsterClay, Chavant, Epoxy, Sculpey, Water Clay

BloodBorne Fan Art statue

After beating the game twice, I had to sculpt something related to it :)
Sculpted in Super Sculpey Medium, and painted with Metal Bronze/Patina

1/3 Head - Tutorial

You can find this tutorial here

Silicone / Realism

Studies with the medium. Sculpted originally in Water clay, molded in Fiber Glass molds, casted in Platinum Silicone, painted with Oil Paints + Calking Silicone diluted in Nafta.

Latex Masks

I had so much fun doing latex masks back in the day.\

Painted with FW Acrylics, diluted in Alcohol. First coat done with Acrylics + Prosaid.


This has never been my forte, but I do enjoy drawing. From time to time, I dedicate myself to the craft.