October 1st 2015


Just finished this new project.

I was heavily inspired to attempt doing my version of an Orc after I saw the ILM Cinematic shots, but I wanted to try it under all the next gen limitations for a realtime model.

So my render engine of choice was Marmoset Toolbag 2. These guys are amazing and they keep updating it with new features and it only gets better.

I started using Substance Painter this year and it has been one of my favorite tools ever. I love all the updates and the constantly search for improvement this guys have been doing. I`m writing a complete breakdown of this project and I`ll include some Substance Painter tips on it as well. But, if you wanna dig deep into it, I`d recommend watching the Christophe Desse Tutorial about it. Tks for all the help my friend!

All the sculpting was done in Zbrush and final model/hair cards in Maya.

For a full making off - ORC MAKING OFF - It's free :)