Mentoring Program

I offer a Private Mentoring Program for advanced students or professionals, in order to help improving and sharpening their skills.

If you are interested, make sure to send me your latest portfolio and a few lines about yourself, going through your goals and reason for taking the program.

The Program is Monthly Based, so after you join it, you can stop at anytime, there is no minimum time required.

My time is very limited these days so I definitely want to have only passionate people and those who are very dedicated, putting themselves 100% into it

We kick it off with a Skype call, getting to know each other and discussing the needs, goals and strategy for the following month. Each program is tailored specifically for your needs.

After that, we follow with 5 feedback a week at least - (it’s more like daily, but since I like keeping things straight and I have missed one day here and another one there due working late).

The feedback is given on your Personal Thread, via either Text, Collage, PaintOver, Image, Video, Zbrush or whatever else is needed. I go over all the details on how the feedback is structured during the skype call but it mimics the Studio Life/Environment in a way, and people seem to really enjoy it.

It runs for $650 per month, paid via Invoice/Paypal.

If you still have questions, feel free to ask.

With love,