June 1st 2018


God of War

I had the pleasure to work on God of War as a Senior Character Artist.

My responsibilities were not only create/model/texture characters for the game, but also worked on very technical areas too, like developing a Dynamic Character FX System, along Rupert Renard (Programming), worked on most of the Cinematics Animated Materials (e.g. Tear dropping, blood running, etc) and implemented those via internal softwares, and Optimizing LODs/Fur with Tech Team, batch maintenance procedures on materials via Phyton scripts (with Sean Feeley's help), and fixing all the bugs that came along with all of it :)
I had a blast. Here we have the selected work from my work on this project. Enjoy!



This was the most challenging piece I worked on, definitely. 

The world serpent debuted on E3's demo, 2017. We had to work hard on all the aspects of this model, in order to pull it of. 
It was a huge collaboration between different departments. 
Original sculpt and blend shapes by Raf Grassetti, along with Tech Team. 
I textured his face, and worked on the close-up version of the eyes. Igor Catto sculpted and texture the actual eyeball and modeled/texture her body. 
We worked all together on material animations/fx with the FX Team. 
Concept by Stephen Oakley



Probably my favorite piece of the game. 
I sculpted the creature and accessories sculpted by Igor Catto. 
I textured everything, did all the fur work and also worked on his blend shapes. 
Had a lot of fun designing the color scheme and patterns on his body. 
Concept by Jose Cabrera


The Ice Troll was very challenging and went through many different iterations. 
I sculpted his face/body/acessories, and did the initial pass on textures/materias/FX. 
Eric Valdes did the final textures/polish work that went to the game. 
Concept by Yefim Kligerman


These guys are the Bosses of the DarkOne Family. 
Sculpted their faces/acessories, textured and worked on the variants. 
The original DarkOne body was sculpted by Raf Grassetti. 
Eric Valdes did polish work on their textures for the final in-game asset. 
Concept by Vance Kovacs


Sculpted and textured a couple variants, also worked on the material animations along with the FX Team. 
Worked on all the blend shapes along with the Tech Team. 
Other variants were textured by Maxence Fleuret
Concept by Stephen Oakley


This one is very special to me. One of the first things I saw when I joined the project, and really got me excited to jump on it. 
Raf Grassetti sculpted and did a first pass on his color scheme. I textured and worked on his materials, which has a very intricate and special shader setup. 
Concept by Stephen Oakley


This was one of the most challenging pieces of the game. Huge boss fight against this big Dragon. 
Original Sculpt was done by Raf Grassetti and Igor Catto. I joined for the first texture pass on his face/head, and worked closely with the Combat Designer (Mark Florentino) and Tech Team to solve all the issues we were having regarding his size and scale. 
Later on, we had to re-do his claws and here's what I've sculpted and worked on all the corrective shapes. 
Very fun piece to work on, lots of FXs worked on by myself, Igor and the FX Team. 
Concept by Stephen Oakley, Justin Sweet and Dela Longfish


Had a blast working on this piece, along with Raf Grassetti and Igor Catto. 
Great collaboration project between the Marketing team and VisDev as well.

Cinematic work (material animations)

I had the pleasure of working on most of the cinematics, doing a beauty pass through Material Animations, adding a second layer of flourish.

Tear Drops, Sickness, Deep Cuts, Veins, Wetness, Blood, Snow, Mud, along other bespoke subtleties, contributing to tell the story and ground the visuals.

Kratos Upgrades

Worked on many different Armor sets for upgrades.
Also responsible for helping out solving the technical challenge of swapping meshes and materials, along with Tech Art and Programmers.


Misc work done. 
Credits to the entire Character Team as these assets were created/finished/polished by different artists.

Character FX

Dynamic Character FX system that allowed the entire cast of characters to receive mud, snow, wetness, poison, blood, frozen, dynamically triggered, region controlled, per FX.

It also allowed us to trigger and animate for specific FX during cinematics or key moments, hard coded, by hand.

Worked on this tech along with Rupert Renard (Sr Programmer), developing the system and the best regions for our needs.

A few examples below.

- - - To be added - - -