April 1st 2019


Anatomy studies V.01

Anatomy Studies V.01 is my first book of a series I’ll be working on in the next few months/years.

Every year I do rounds of anatomy studies to sharpen up my skills. This is definitely one of my passions and I love exploring and understanding the human figure on a deeper level, and each time I go deeper and discover/learn things, giving me the feeling that I didn’t know shit prior to that. It does feel good, it’s humbling and at the end of the day, I’m struggling and learning something new. I love this feeling :)

So during this year - January 2019, I started sharing some of these studies on my Instagram Account - www.instagram.com/glaucolonghi and people really liked it, shared, saved. And suddenly I started receiving lots of requests for putting these studies together, in a book format.

And this is what I’ve done. After many long hours organizing my thoughts, notes and images, I finished my first ever Digital Book, a compilation of anatomy studies done in 2019.

It has studies on the Neck, Shoulder Girdle, Chest, Triceps, Biceps, LowerBack, UpperBack, Hips, Abs, Elbow, Knee and Forearm.

As I say in the intro of the book, I don’t consider myself an expert, neither assume that everything written in there is the ultimate truth. I’m still learning, but I’m sure you’ll be able to learn a thing or two, get inspired, and feel the urgency of crossing references with other resources.

You can snag a copy of the book on the button below, or directly through my Gumroad Store.

Sneak Peek of the book

Here you can find a few of the studies I posted over my Instagram Account. With the book purchase, you will also receive all of the posters in HighRes.

Let me know what you think and make sure to follow me on Instagram for all the latest updates, as it is my mainly active social media these days.